The Zvandiri Regional Programme- A case study of south-south learning.

We are excited to share our new publication documenting the work of  Zvandiri. This case study documents the scale-up of the Zvandiri Model from Zimbabwe to nine additional countries in the region. We describe the Zvandiri Model and how it offers a comprehensive and evidence based package of interventions tailored to the holistic needs and […]

Zvandiri in Namibia: Growth and accreditation of the NATS Model

“Having been part of the Namibian Adolescent Treatment Supporters (NATS) programme from the start, I have witnessed young people get a voice, a space in the health care system. Many have made new friends and through that many questions have been brought to light. This does not mean all questions have been answered. Youth friendly […]

Mental health needs of adolescents living with HIV

We know there is an increasing recognition of the substantial unmet mental health needs of adolescents living with HIV, who have higher rates of depression and other common mental health problems than their peers who are HIV negative, as well as a connection being made between mental health and wellbeing with adherence and viral load […]


We are delighted to share with you that the Government of Zimbabwe’s Private Voluntary Board has approved our request to change our organisational name from Africaid to Zvandiri. This name change is the result of a series of consultations and strategic planning with our Board, staff and young people. Our journey began in 2004 when […]

Zvandiri- when the medicines alone are not enough.

Adolescent sitting with child playing cards outside

Zvandiri started in 2004 with six adolescents living with HIV in Harare who wanted more than Antiretroviral medicines. They wanted another form of treatment – a treatment for the fear, loneliness and anxiety in their lives. Since its inception, Zvandiri has integrated mental health within HIV testing, treatment and care, led by young people living […]

Annual Report 2021

Zvandiri Annual report 2021

We are excited to share with you the newly published Zvandiri Annual Report 2021 was once again marked by significant disruption, risk and tragedy for people the world over. In Zimbabwe, the devastating effects of COVID-19 were further exacerbated by severe economic distress and overburdened health services, compounding existing challenges for the health and well-being […]

Zvandiri Prize Winner

Zvandiri prize winner

the content would go here Zvandiri – Top Innovator in Youth Mental Health Zvandiri has been announced as a winner of the UpLink – World Economic Forum Youth Mental Health Challenge! The World Economic Forum, in partnership with Salesforce and UNICEF, selected the best innovations that are changing the future of youth mental health. Salesforce, UNICEF and UpLink ran a challenge […]