Because I’m a CATS

Because I’m a CATS , I support my peers to know and accept their HIV status Because I’m a CATS , I support my peers to adhere well by facilitating daily adherence support and monitoring which can be done at the health facility, home visits or over the phone Because I’m a CATS , I […]

Untangling the Mental Health Knot

The mental health crisis in Africa is an acute challenge for young people living with HIV. Paul Mavesere Ndhlovu, Zvandiri’s Knowledge Evidence and Innovation Associate gives his perspective in an interview with allAfrica’s Melody Chironda at the recent International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA) held in Lusaka, Zambia.

A Letter of Thanks!

Farai Munyanda

Farai joined Zvandiri as a client and later trained as a CATS to support children and adolescents living with HIV.  He then progressed into a role as a Youth Advocate before moving to a Zimbabwean NGO to work as a Linkage Assistant Officer.  He shared this letter with Zvandiri. Dear All I would like to […]

Dear Me….

The ‘Dear Me’ podcast series is a compilation of letters and poems written and voiced out by young people affected by HIV in Zimbabwe to share their experiences. ‘Dear Me’ letters are written ‘by self – to self’ emphasizing the importance of self-love. These are written following their participation in a course on self-stigma and […]

Paul Ndhlovu joins United Nations Young Leaders for Sustainable Development.

We are very proud to announce that Zvandiri Youth, Paul Ndhlovu has been recognised by the United Nations for his advocacy work on HIV. Paul has been chosen from over 5000 applicants to be one of 17 United Nations Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals, a flagship initiative of the Office of the Secretary-General’s […]

Loyce’s message for Prime Minister Trudeau

In this personal, heartfelt message, Loyce reflects on her journey over the years and her time with Prime Minister Trudeau and Mark Dybal in 2015 at the 5th GF replenishment meeting in Canada. In the build-up to the 7th Global Replenishment Meeting, Loyce once again appeals to Prime Minister Trudeau, stating: “In my heart, I believe that […]

Adolescent Voices on Stigma

Young man talking

40 years into the HIV pandemic, there have been immense advances in the availability and access to effective HIV prevention methods, HIV testing options, simplified, effective Antiretroviral treatment regimens; and ever advancing laboratory capabilities. Yet despite these advances, depression, anxiety, trauma and suicide continue to increase among adolescents living with HIV, driven by their experiences […]

The sky is the limit

The sky is the limit

the content would go here By a former CATS in Eswatini Mapho* is one of young people living with HIV who has had their hope restored after receiving support from Zvandiri. Mapho was diagnosed HIV positive in 2006 when he was in Grade 5. Unfortunately, he did not get early treatment and support. Mapho was […]

I have been called names

I was called names

the content would go here By Farai I have been called names and I was told I couldn’t shine and not to dream about the future, they have held me down because I had friend in me called HIV. Being born with you was one of the hardest thing I ever had to endure, it […]