Paul Mavesere Ndhlovu reflects on his experiences in the IAS Change Makers Programme

“I wish that the scientists and researchers would engage us not only as clients living with HIV but as equal stakeholders and recognize that if we can’t understand their research, then it was likely made without consulting us and therefore will not be applied where it counts: in the communities of the people living with HIV―whom we all serve.”

Paul Mavesere Ndhlovu, an IAS Young Leader from Zimbabwe, writes about his experience of the IAS Change Makers Programme in

Paul Mavesere Ndhlovu is an HIV and SRH advocate, working with Zvandiri in Zimbabwe. He is committed to identifying community and health challenges faced by young people living with HIV and turns these topics into radio shows that focus on education, empowerment, dispelling information, and connecting youth people to the full continuum of care. 

Paul was selected to be a Change Maker in 2021 and has participated in a series of interactive networking sessions that help develop the next generation of HIV researchers, advocates, and providers by connecting them to more established peers in the field. Read about Paul’s experiences here