Research Papers

Zvandiri is an evidence-based model which has been designed, delivered, evolved and scaled since 2004. It is informed by evidence from our programme data, evaluations and research and the lived experiences and needs of the young people we work with. This has shaped the work of Zvandiri and strengthened the evidence-base for global and national guidelines, service delivery and resources allocated for paediatric and adolescent HIV. A wide range of peer-reviewed papers are shared here.

Come and Learn: an invitation from Zvandiri Youth Advocates. Maturu et al. The  Lancet 2024


Leaving no one behind? Addressing inequitable HIV outcomes by attending to diversity. A qualitative study exploring the needs of LGBTQI+ young people living with HIV in Zimbabwe. Lariat et al 2024


Intersecting Epidemics: The predictors of continued utilization of HIV treatment and care services during the COVID-19 outbreak among people living with HIV in Zimbabwe. Tapera et al 2023

Religious and traditional beliefs and practices as predictors of mental and physical health outcomes and the role of religious affiliation in health outcomes and risk taking. Wüthrich‑Grossenbacher et al 2023

Improving Access to HIV-Related Healthcare in Zimbabwe Among Young Mothers Living with HIV: Qualitative Lessons from Zvandiri’s Young Mentor Mother Program. Tailor et al 2023

Africaid’s Zvandiri: Peer Support Inerventions for Young Mothers Living with HIV. Angell et al 2023

A validation of the religious and spiritual struggles scale among young people living with HIV in Zimbabwe: Mokken scale analysis and exploratory factor analysis. Wüthrich-Grossenbacher et al 2023

Spiritual and religious aspects influence mental health and viral load: A qualitative study among young people living with HIV in Zimbabwe. Wüthrich-Grossenbacher et al 2023

Let’s Talk about U=U: seizing a valuable opportunity to better
support adolescents living with HIV. Bernays  et al 2023

Wakakosha “You are Worth it” reported impact of a community based, peer-led HIV self-stigma intervention to improve self worth and wellbeing among young people living with HIV in Zimbabwe. Ferris France et al 2023

Conceptualisation and psychometric evaluation of positive psychological outcome measures used in adolescents and young adults living with HIV: a mixed scoping and systematic review protocol. Dambi et al 2022

From surviving to thriving: integrating mental health care
into HIV, community, and family services for adolescents
living with HIV. Cluver et al 2022

Peer-led counselling with problem discussion therapy for adolescents living with HIV-Simms et al 2022

How Do Psychosocial Interventions for Adolescents and Young People Living With HIV Improve Adherence and Viral Load- Laurenzi et al 2022

Exploring the beliefs, experiences and impacts of HIV-related self-stigma amongst adolescents and young adults living with HIV in Harare- Rich et al 2022

Risk factors for HIV virological non-suppression among adolescents with common mental disorder symptoms in Zimbabwe- Simms et al 2021

Psychosocial interventions for improving engagement in care and health and behavioural outcomes for adolescents and young people living with HIV-Laurenzi et al 2021

It helps to talk- A guiding framework (TRUST) for peer support in delivering mental health care for adolescents living with HIV- Wogrin et al 2021

Interventions to address the mental health of adolescents and young adults living with or affected by HIV: state of the evidence- Bhana et al 2021

Adolescent mothers affected by HIV and their children – A scoping review of evidence and experiences from sub-Saharan Africa-Toska et al 2020

Effectiveness of a peer-led adolescent mental health on HIV virological suppression and mental health in Zimbabwe- Chinoda et al 2020

Understanding the experience and manifestation of depression in adolescents living with HIV in Harare, Zimbabwe – Willis et al 2020

The power of peers and community in the continuum of HIV care-Grimsrud et al 2020

Scaling up peer-led community-based differentiated support – Bernays et al 2020

Effect of a differentiated service delivery model on virological failure in adolescents with HIV in Zimbabwe (Zvandiri)_ a cluster-randomized controlled trial-Mahvu et al 2020

Clinical and Social Outcomes of Adolescent Girls and Young Women Living with HIV Transitioning to Motherhood 2020

Effects of a Peer-Led Intervention on HIV Care Continuum-Tapera et al 2019

Development and piloting of a novel, peer-led bereavement intervention for young people living with HIV in Zimbabwe Wogrin et al 2019

Gokwe Study – Effectiveness of community adolescent treatment supporters (CATS) interventions Willis et al 2019

Zvandiri Bringing a Differentiated Service to scale-Willis et al 2018 

Evaluating a multi-component, community-based program to improve adherence and retention in care among adolescents living with HIV in Zimbabwe-Mavhu et al 2017

My story—HIV positive adolescents tell their story through film-Willis et al 2014

Enhancing Psychosocial Support for ALHIV-Mavhu et 2013