Tools and Materials

Zvandiri has created a range of story books, cartoons, factsheets, posters and comics that provide information for young people. These are developed by and for young people drawing on the stories and experiences of young people from Zvandiri. These tools and materials cover a range of themes and topics in creative and engaging formats and are used by health workers, CATS and YMMs to support health literacy, counselling and uptake of services among young people, their families and communities.


Caregivers Booklet – English

Caregivers Booklet – Ndebele

Caregivers Booklet – Shona

Her Voice, Her Story

Mapping My Story (2019)

Our Story Booklet – English

Our Story Booklet – Ndebele

Our Story Booklet – Shona

Red Ribbons & Roses Booklet


COVID-19 ART comic book French

COVID-19 ART comic book Kinyarwanda

Talking about COVID-19 HIV and ARVS – English

Talking about COVID-19 HIV and ARVS – Ndebele

Talking about COVID-19 and ARVS – Shona

Covid and Mental Health – English

Covid and Mental Health – Ndebele

Covid and Mental Health – Shona

Not Just a Number

Taking Charge of HIV

Covid and HIV Testing – English

Covid and HIV Testing – Ndebele

Covid and HIV Testing – Shona





HIV Testing

Immune System

Mental Health




Substance Abuse


Viral Load


‘My Story’ Adolescent Engagement in HIV Research

Viral Load Activity Cards

Viral Load Discussion Guide

COVID-19 Poster

My Zvandiri Journal – English

My Zvandiri Journal – Ndebele

My Zvandiri Journal – Shona