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“The government in Angola is considering and improving the health outcomes of adolescents/young people and the READY+ project is coming at the right time which will be able to contribute immensely in that regard.”

– Dr Elzedo Manuel, National Public Health Directorate in Angola

“The READY+ initiative launched in Angola on March 2022, has provided a window of opportunity for young people to reflect on how the area of advocacy can contribute to closing gaps in the response to the HIV epidemic in Angola. Young people are left behind, and their voice needs to be heard and must be part of the response to this epidemic in order to end inequalities to end AIDS by 2030.”

– Antonio Azevedo, UNAIDS

“As part of the launch of the READY+ project, young people and members of the community association for the support and defence of youth, feel hopeful, vibrant and involved in the empowerment process, and included in the fight for their rights to sexual and reproductive health and gender equality. and making these young people resilient and able to advocate.”

– Pedro Kakoka, young person

our partners

Ministry of Health Angola
Frontline AIDS
Embassy of the Netherlands in Maputo
Golobal network of young people living with HIV