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“As young people we are here to change the narrative people had of the health facility which is rude and unwelcoming. We are here to be supporters and build healthy relationships with our peers because it is more than just health it is also about the psychosocial wellbeing of a person and their ability to cope daily with everyday life. We want to thrive.”

– Nivea (CATS North West Province)

“We are very happy for all the support we are receiving now with this new youth program. I see our health facility shining at the top. I think the CATS will bring a huge difference in our community.”

– Nurse practitioner, Limpopo Province

“CATS will play a bigger role in paediatric ART management and AYFS activities. There’s hope that the retention and viral load suppression challenges will be addressed through the Zvandiri intervention. I am looking forward to working with the CATS, to coach and mentor her through every step of the programme.”

– Sr Kgalalelo, Adolescent Youth Friendly Service (AYFS) Coordinator (North West Province)

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