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Partner Voices

“The CATS have helped us so much because mothers or parents who are living with children with HIV have failed to disclose their children’s health status… Now we have been taught different ways of telling our children. Now my child is the one reminding me of the date for my clinic. After meeting other children, they love attending clinic because they are being loved.”

– Mother of child, Tanzania

“It’s now easy for young people to access health services at health facilities as CATS are helping them to navigate. Young mothers are able to share different experiences and challenges they face as young parents and try to help each other.”

– Health care worker, Tanzania

“READY+ has helped me so much. My life was so hard. In reality I was seen as a prostitute. I had no good qualities. But now there are people who are respecting me because of the READY+ project. I see there are lots of young mothers whose lives are like mine. Those are the ones I support.”

– Aisha, CATS Tanzania

our partners

Embassy of the Netherlands in Maputo
Frontline AIDS
Golobal network of young people living with HIV