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“In 2018, we conducted a learning visit to Zimbabwe as a delegation from Uganda’s Ministry of Health. We had heard about Zvandiri and Zimbabwe’s approach to supporting adolescents living with HIV. We wanted to learn more so that we could adopt this approach in Uganda. Following the learning visit, Uganda adapted the CATS model to meet the needs of the Ugandan context. Our wish is for every region to have Youth and Adolescent Treatment Supporters (YAPS) and our Ministry is ready to facilitate this..”

– Ministry of Health representative, Uganda

“Being a YAPS has been educative and empowering, socially, psychologically, clinically and financially. It has been a real growing point for me in the HIV sector, and the empowerment I’ve received has helped to penetrate new levels of leadership. The mentorship from Zvandiri has been so motivating and given us hope

– YAPS, Uganda

“The YAPS has been moving on well. The young people are really doing a great job and it is evident since our adolescent and young people are getting better outcomes, like improved viral load, improved appointment keeping among other things.”

– YAPS, Uganda

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