Theresa Mapfuti

Youth Representative

Young woman standing in garden

Theresa  Mapfuti has been part of Zvandiri for 12 years. She started out as a recipient of care and then worked as a Community Adolescent Treatment Supporter (CATS) for 5 years. As a CATS, she gained experience in the delivery, implementation and capacity building of HIV-related programnes and strengthened the quality of services provided by health care workers by training them around provision of adolescent and youth-friendly services.

Theresa was identified and trained by the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Care as an expert trainer and used her skills in Nigeria and Rwanda, training CATS. She graduated as a CATS in 2019 and was one of the selected former CATS to undergo training as a Primary Counsellor, a role she is still holding at a local health facility. In 2022, Theresa was selected to join the Board to represent the voices of young people in Zvandiri.