Our Mission, Vision & Values

woman with a bike on a home visit

Our Mission

Health, Happiness and Hope for young people living with HIV.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our Zvandiri model to 20 countries by 2030 to deliver health, happiness and hope to 1 million young people living with HIV.

Our Values


Extraordinary – We dare to be bold, to be different, unusual and creative; ensuring excellence at all times. We strive to be frontrunners in meeting the evolving and dynamic needs of young people.


Holistic – We passionately believe in supporting the whole person, throughout childhood and adolescence into adulthood; they are not just a statistic but a human being.

Connected – We connect young people to a network of peers for support so they can build safe relationships that inspire hope. We collaborate with young people, partners and governments, leading to the exchange of knowledge and ideas to promote growth, innovation and impact.


Loving – Our work is driven by gaining a deep understanding, commitment and connection to the lived experiences of young people to foster love and self-acceptance. We believe that together we can change things for the better.


Informed – Through research and evidence and connecting with young people, we learn what is needed and how to be most effective in our work. We ensure we deliver high quality interventions that allow young people to achieve their true potential

Authentic – Everything we do is with a commitment to be honest, humble and respectful in our work and to be guided by young people.