Isariah Mazarura

Mashonaland Central

Isariah Mazarura is the member for Mashonaland Central province. She was grateful to be selected as a PAB member and she has noticed a great deal of change in her confidence to openly speak about her status and demand for quality services for her peers. She is still in secondary education and is working hard to get the results necessary for her to get a good job. She is passionate about children, adolescents and young people living with HIV getting quality services for them for  improved health outcomes that lead to happiness and hope for a longer and brighter future.

Isariah is amazed and awed by the work of CATS, YMMs and YMFs and the role they play in connecting with, counselling and supporting their peers, which is changing the game in fighting HIV and educating the communities to  take action on getting to zero new HIV infections, deaths and stigma.