Rumbidzai Chidora

Technical Support Team Mentor

Rumbi Chidora

Rumbidzai Matilda Chidora works with Zvandiri as a mentor under the Technical Support Unit. Rumbi supports children and adolescents living with HIV to improve retention in care, to reduce viral load of HIV and to make sure that adolescents are psychologically stable.

She started her work with Zvandiri in 2016 when she became a Community Adolescent Treatment Supporter (CATS) in a rural district in Zimbabwe. She has been leading the scale up of the CATS model within the African region through a south-to-south learning approach. Rumbi is also a youth leader who provides mentorship to CATS and staff within Zimbabwe and regionally, creating opportunities where there are gaps, and sharing and celebrating where there are successes. Rumbi provides mentorship both professionally and personally as she guides and supports her peers, and advocates for care and pathways to access services and support.

She is currently studying her Honours’ Degree in Psychology at Zimbabwe Open University. Rumbidzai is an exceptional young lady and has a wealth of academic, development and communications experience well beyond her years. She is a wonderful, mature, articulate young person with tremendous insight and experience into the needs of young people with HIV.